mommieburger (mommieburger) wrote in xfilesfics,

New X-File Color Series entry & Finished an Oriignal

GOOD NEWS! The second in the 'X-Files Color Series' is published both on and An Archive of our own. It is titled, "Mulder takes the Orange Pill' Check it out. The Links are below.

I just finished the draft of my original piece currently titled 'TheMountainManStory' as I never give a real title to my stories until I publish. I have several called Story1, Story2...etc. that are waiting for their time in the sun.

I'll let the MountainMan sit for a while as I feel something is missing. I'll come back and edit it later.

Working on a prequel to the MountainMan and the next X-file story, "Mulder Follows the Yellow Brick Road". I'm under the same username at FictionPress also. Check it out!
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