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Two Mulder/Krycek fics!

Hi there, everyone!

I've slowly but steadily started getting back to writing slash fiction again. And I have two Mulder/Krycek fics for you (I'm still working on this table of prompts that I signed up for back in 2006 even though the comm is down by this point... it's just my own personal way of motivation and inspiration!) I hope you like them, any kind of feedback is nice (I know my style and grammar can be confusing and annoying to some, if you're one of them, let me know, I won't take offense!)

Fake cuts to my journal.

Title: Kissing Krycek
Fandom: The X-files
Pairing: M/K
Prompt: Taste
Warning: Some swearing and mentions of violence and two men kissing.
Summary: Mulder becomes obsessed with the idea of kissing Krycek. And then there are cherry-flavoured Halls and some cheesy dialogue.  PWP, Romance, Humour.

( It had been an unspoken promise between them for so long that when it finally happened it took both of them by surprise... )

Title: Real.
Fandom: The X-files
Pairing: Mulder/Krycek
Stuff: This is a one-shot that came out of nowhere and not really set anywhere in particular in the show episode-wise, but it's towards the end of it but before a certain garage scene, nothing major happens, there is implied slash and some quote-unquote bad words, but especially by the standards of this fandom it's very tame.

( It was a dream )

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