New X-File Color Series entry & Finished an Oriignal

GOOD NEWS! The second in the 'X-Files Color Series' is published both on and An Archive of our own. It is titled, "Mulder takes the Orange Pill' Check it out. The Links are below.

I just finished the draft of my original piece currently titled 'TheMountainManStory' as I never give a real title to my stories until I publish. I have several called Story1, Story2...etc. that are waiting for their time in the sun.

I'll let the MountainMan sit for a while as I feel something is missing. I'll come back and edit it later.

Working on a prequel to the MountainMan and the next X-file story, "Mulder Follows the Yellow Brick Road". I'm under the same username at FictionPress also. Check it out!

First in Color Series

Finished the 'Mulder takes the Orange Pill' story tonight. Want to branch into an original piece and then come back to the color series. Orange was hard for me. Not only is Orange, NOT a favorite color, but it has so few correlations in everyday life. I tried, but I'll come back in a few weeks and edit--then post. Moving on to the 'Mountain Man Story'. Got a fire in the belly for that. Supernatural and its going to be a WILD ride!!

Here is 'Mulder Sees Red'---enjoy!!

Probably not going to continue posting here. Not much (any) feedback.
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Mulder Color Series in the Works

I decided to do an X-files Mulder Color Series. It is a shameless stolen idea from an old X-files Fan Fiction writer named Donnilee. She wrote and A-Z series that was fantastic. I'm going to do it with colors.

At first I'll just do the basic rainbow panel. (ROYGBIV) I might branch out to colors like pink, cyan, vermillion or chartreuse--or not. :) Stay Tuned!

In the Works

Planning another X-file story and this one will be an MSR. Have the outline of the plot, but need to flesh it out. It will begin with Mulder and Scully talking about dating and go on from there complete with a serial killer, the Navy and the inevitable 'crossing of the line'. I like it when Mulder is jealous--so that will be in it for sure.

For some of you older X-Phile groupies, you may remember a writer called Donnilee. She did an alphabet series that while it had a shaky start, but the time 'G' came around, she was smokin' hot. Might try to pay tribute by doing something similar, but we'll see. Anyone interested?


Title: Parasite
Author: Rachel Smith Cobleigh
Rating: T
Characters: Mulder, Scully, Skinner
Keywords: Season 5, missing episode
Spoilers: Through Season 5
Length: ~38K words
Summary: It's 1997 and Scully is weary, fighting her battle with cancer. Mulder, investigating alone, falls prey to a parasite that leaches energy from his mind, and now Scully must fight to save his sanity.
Warnings: Violence, disturbing thematic elements

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Addendum GW (Grimm/X-Files)

Title: Addendum GW
Author: dracox_serdriel
Genre: Mystery, Case Fics, Drama
Universes: Grimm, X-Files
Characters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Nick Burkhardt, Juliette Silverton, Walter Skinner, Monroe, Rosalee Calvert, Hank Griffin, Sean Renard, Drew Wu, Doctor Parker Harper
Pairings: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully, Nick Burkhardt/Juliette Silverton, Rosalee Calvert/Monroe
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership to the characters, universe, and mythology of Grimm or The X-Files.
Status: 2/50 Chapters complete (WIP)
Word count: 16,769
Rating: R
Warnings: violence, forensics, sexual content, supernatural events, horror, violence towards animals
Summary: After the FBI clears his name, Fox Mulder struggles to rebuild his life, so when Treeview Hospital invites Dana Scully for and incredible career opportunity, the couple relocates to Portland, Oregon for a new start.

Detectives Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin become inundated with wesen-related conflicts, both criminal and otherwise, as the wesen population around Portland increases at an alarming rate for no discernable reason. The two detectives enlist Rosalee Calvert and Monroe to help Juliette Silverton, whose entire world is turned upside-down by her new Hexenbiest powers.

Mulder and Scully find themselves entangled in a conspiracy with new factions that all want a sphere of influence, but one thing becomes very apparent to the former FBI partners: they're all gunning for Nick Burkhardt.

In fact, Burkhardt is at the center of so many odd occurrences, he could have his own X-Files cabinet, so Mulder opens a new case section, Addendum GW.

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Chance and Choices (X-Files, MSR)

TITLE: Chance and Choices: When Love Shapes the Path of a Life
AUTHOR: redprintiam (also redprint in the community)
RATING: Mature.
KEYWORDS: Mulder/Scully Romance.
SUMMARY: She told him everything that night. Mulder and Scully's first night together.
SPOILERS: All things.
WORDS: 5,911
DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything, of course. Just here for the ride.
A/N: I have been watching some old episodes and there it was the chemistry that got some of us glued to the screens every week. Here is a little story to remind you of the fateful night that changed the MSR dynamic for good. It's a gap filler since Chris Carter wouldn't give us the satisfaction of seeing the dirty deed (not all of it, mind you!).
Knock yourself out with reviews and comments!

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